Zoomed In – Photo Game All Level Answers

Zoomed In – Photo Game is a new app by Juxta Labs, Inc available for both IOS and Android(Google Play). This game is very addictive and the game play is very simple, all you have to do is identify the zoomed image and key in the word to move to next level. If you need any help in solving certain levels then ask your friends via Instagram or Facebook. You can also use coins to reveal letter, remove letters and show hints. I will provide solution to all levels here. Please do comment below if you need solution to any specific level. We have updated answers to Zoomed In 2 app below, Enjoy!!
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zoomed in solution
1 to 30 31 to 60 61 to 90 91 to 120 121 to 150 151 to 180 181 to 210 211 to 240 241 to 270 271 to 300 301 to 330

Zoomed In 2 Answers

zoomed in 2 level 1 to 50

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  1. Im having trouble with level 41, the answers say either jellyfish or kazoo (confused) but its neither, its 10 letters and the hint is “hair” ? Help

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